Come and Watch Our Roots Grow

     Welcome to Taproot Montessori Preschools. Together we will be taking the beginning steps in a great learning adventure for your child.

     My Mother, Ann katzenmeyer - the creator of Taproot Montessori, had been in the teaching field since 1967. After establishing a Montessori school in Okinawa, Japan helping out other military families, Ann and her husband Jeff were stationed back in the U.s. and started there first school April 1981 in La mesa. since she had 2 children of her own, she wanted to create a learning environment that foremost would help the child create a strong self-esteem. she was aware that if children are to develop academically. they need to feel good about themselves, they need to understand themselves, they need to know how to relate with others, and they need enough support for their self image.So, taproot was born.

     I, Nicole Hall (her daughter), love the montessori philosophy. my three children have been involved in the schools since 2004 when my oldest was born. we would love for you to come and observe our schools and see if we can help your child's development.

Nicole Hall